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What is chakrasonics ?

To understand this it is important to know that everything is energy. Science, through Quantum Physics, is showing us that everything in our universe is energy.

When we go down on a sub-atomic level we do not find matter, but pure energy. Some called this the unified field or the matrix. Others talk about pure potentiality -all being energy.

Everything vibrates

This Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves and vibrates – everything is vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing rests. Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another and so are you. However your frequency is different from other things in the universe – hence it seems like you are separated from what you see around you – people, animals, plants, trees and so on. BUT you are not separated – you are in fact living in an ocean of energy – we all are. We are all connected at the lowest level  Everything has its own vibrational frequency – the table – the car – the picture frame – the rock – even our thoughts and feelings. It is all governed by The Law of Vibration. 

A table may look solid and still, but within the table are millions of millions of subatomic particles “running around” and “popping” with energy. The table is pure energy and movement. Everything in this universe has its own vibrational frequency. It is The Law of Vibration in action. However we can’t see it so it appears separate and solid to us. It is actually an illusion. 

Everything is vibrating Absolutely  everything.

We are actually living in a sea of energy  Our thoughts are on a certain vibrational frequency and hence is part of the vibrating universe

What is energy?

According to Wikipedia the definition is:
“a scalar physical quantity, an attribute of objects and systems that is conserved in nature.  
In physics textbooks energy is often defined as the ability to do work or to generate heat.”
“Conserved in nature” would also mean conserved in the universe. Nature is part of the universe.

Is the universe then made up of different energies?

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy and exchanges that with everything else at all times in a most complex way. It is the building block of all matter. The same energy that composes your flesh is the same one that composes the bricks of your house and the trees outside. It is all the same. It is constantly at flow, changing form all the time. This is a very simple explanation of a rather complex thing.

Everything in this universe is made up of the same stuff. It is just present in different forms and shapes.

The human body and cells

Our bodies have an electrical nature. If you shuffle your feet across a carpet and then touch something made of metal you get a small shock of electricity. Also, if you step on a piece of glass you will feel the pain immediately because it is electrically transmitted along the nerves to your brain. In our heart we have “electrical circuits”and we can measure the electrical activity by using a electrocardiograph (EKG).

The human body is made of tissue and organs and the tissue and organs are made up of trillions (millions of millions) of cells. No-one knows for sure how many there are. Each of these cells in our body contain a smaller substructures called organelles (“Little organs”), each of which performs a different task related to the purpose and function of the cell. Blood cells have a different task than skin-cells which have a different task than the brain cells and so on, but they are all necessary to make the body work. In the anatomy of the cells we find many “little organs” like the Cell Membrane , the Nucleus, Cytoplasm, the Endoplasmic Reticulum, the Golgi bodies, the Mitochondrion to mention a few.

The Mitochondria are the “engine” of the cell. They are sausage shaped organelles that are the power sources for the cell. Mitochondria are sometimes described as “cellular power plants” because they generate most of the cell’s supply of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), used as a source of chemical-energy.

So our human body is filled with cells containing energy. In addition each cell are made up of molecules and these molecules are made up of atoms with protons, neutrons and electrons. What are the atoms made of? Sub-atomic particles. And these sub-atomic particles are pure energy. Hence our body is one big piece of energy and so is everything else in this great universe.

Everything is energy

If we go below this level – to a  subatomic level – scientists have shown us through quantum physics that everything at this level is pure energy. Hence humans are pure energy. Everything in this universe is made up of energy including ourselves. From a spiritual viewpoint we are deathless souls within a physical body – a particle of the Divine, of the Creator, The Source – God.

In our life any  problem  occurs  as a result of imbalance  energy   in our life .Any mental  or physical problems occurs when there is a disturbance in energy level  of our body . Positive or negative energy is nothing but frequency of vibrating energy . 

As you listen to the radio you have to tune it to the right frequency if you don’t  tune it it won’t play the radio channel of a particular frequency .

How does it work

The seven chakras are directly responsible for our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. If our chakras are unbalanced, it is the same as our physical body becoming unbalanced as well.

The chakras have their own frequency, as well as every human being, tree, and rock. Every single sound from a key on a piano or a loud bang from a gun sends out a wave of energy. This wave vibrates at its own frequency and affects everything in its path in a positive or negative way.

For humans, keeping our chakra frequencies balanced and in harmony is essential in order for us to function properly. When our chakra frequencies are in harmony, we feel connected with ourselves as well as others.

When we are “out of tune” and our chakra’s are off balance, many problems can arise. Things that might seem trivial, such as a change in weather, stress, or a sudden bump is enough to throw us off. Scientific tests show that unpleasant sounds actually increase our blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates. Frequencies can also have a positive effect on us though. It just depends on what we are listening to. A researcher in Minnesota discovered that agricultural plants grow at an amazing rate when they are exposed to the sound of the sitar, (a traditional instrument from India).

Just like the plants being stimulated by the frequency of the sitar, we can stimulate each chakra individually by listening to its own special frequency.

Incorporating the use of chakrasonics  is the most direct form of chakra balancing and stimulation.

What are the benefits of using chakrasonics?

Chakrasonics heals your energy body and tunes your chakras this helps you to get rid of the mental or physical illness associated with malfunctioning of chakra.  Imbalance in functioning of chakra happens when chakra is not tuned hence it’s functioning is deficient or excessive.    

How to use it ?

You don’t need to listen to Chakrasonics CD’s  in any particular order.  However   for casual use  for general wellbeing you should listen to it from first to seventh chakra  (ascending order)  if you are suffering from any illness pertaining to imbalance of a particular chakra  you can listen to it.

Headphones are not required but they can help you increase the stimulation and focus. We recommend using a good quality stereo headphones or speakers. Play the music at soft to low volume levels or to a level that comforts you.

Listen for at least 3 times per week for a period of 4-6 weeks. For maximum effects, we recommend daily listening. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you need to listen 24/7. Just find your own comfortable pace and don’t try to fit in too much at once. we recommend scheduling a time for you to listen (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening).

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit or lie down. There’s no special  “position”, you can keep your eyes closed or open. You can even play the CHAKRASONICS ™ CD in the background during your normal daily activities (except potential dangerous activities like driving etc.). While listening you don’t need to use any special affirmations. Just let the freeing waves of music wash over your mind, body and spirit. Dive into soothing sounds   Allow your mind to be open and awaken to the power of   healing Audio.


Does it work immediately?

Most people notice or feel something uplifting happening during their very first listening session. Although the changes begin to take place in the first session, they may be subtle and increasingly noticeable over the following weeks. You should experience the healing benefits after a period of 2-3 weeks of daily listening. However, the truth is that everybody will experience results and effects in their own time frames as they would with any form of regular exercise. Just remember that consistency and regular use is a must if you want to create permanent change in your life.

Is louder better when listening to your music?

No. Our  audio is designed to be most effective at comfortable to low volume levels. However, I recommend that you experiment with volumes to find whatever levels work best for you.

Do I have to use headphones? If so, what kind?

Headphones are not required but they can give you more focus, bringing external noise down to a minimum. I personally prefer headphones over speakers. What kind? Our music will work fine on most medium quality headphones and ear buds.

When is the best time to listen to these tones?

It’s up to you. It is also generally better to set a specific time of day or night so your audio sessions become more routine.  listen to the healing frequencies right after waking up, during the day and just before falling asleep. We  encourage you to experiment and do whatever works best for you.

What happens if I don’t listen regularly?

Although it is best to follow our advice for daily listening, there will be times when you are not able to do so. This is ok – you will still gain the benefits any time you listen.

How long do I need to listen to the frequencies in order to maintain the positive effects?

The longer you continue to listen, the more permanent the changes and improvements. Of course, if you are happy with your results and do not feel a need for more extended listening, you can simply stop. You can always begin listening again anytime as needed. However, regularly playing Chakrasonics helps to keep your body in harmony and balance.

 Who should not listen to your music?

Do not listen to these sounds while operating machinery, potentially dangerous equipment, performing potentially hazardous activities or driving. People with epilepsy should contact their medical practitioners if they wish to use Chakrasonics.

Are there any side effects of using the frequencies?

The side effects are nearly all positive. However, some people may feel uncomfortable while listening to the music the very first time Therefore, your brain can have an extra audio mind aerobics type workout, much like lifting weights in a gym for muscle growth. If you do feel uncomfortable, simply listen at low to barely audible levels, for shorter durations or less frequently until the negative feelings subside. In the very unlikely event that you experience intense or prolonged physical or mental discomfort, please discontinue use or see a medical professional.

I’m pregnant. Is it suitable for me to listen to these harmonics before the birth of my babie?

Our music is unlikely to cause any problems – in fact, your baby will probably enjoy the soothing audio sessions as much as you do. However, purely as a precaution, I recommend you consult with a physician before listening to any of my audio.

I’m deaf. Will the frequencies work for me?

I believe you can feel the vibrations of chakrasonics  with the whole body. You could experiment using higher volume settings to help compensate for hearing loss. The AUDIO of chakrasonics may even work for you through bone conduction.

Can I listen to the music during sleep?

Yes. Most benefits will occur as your body and brain are still receiving the stimuli.

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