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Ultimate Transformation

Conquer the world within (Your memories and emotions) , world without (Your physical and material world) and the world beyond (spiritual self)

We have conquered the space out side of us with science and technology and invented gadgets like mobile phone and internet etc. that has brought revolution in communication in physical world.

We really need to conquer the space within and that will enable us to communicate at trans-personal level beyond time and space. It would enable us to feel one with ‘GOD’. It will enable us to understand our existence as co-creator of the universe as god in human form.

We are not just our mind and body, our physical existence is not even one percent of what we really are. As a matter of fact every human being is a part of supreme consciousness ‘God’, and we as human beings are actually God in human form. As its very rightly said we are not human beings having spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having human experience.

As a matter of fact our true existence is omnipotent in the space , and we divide this space in the form of seven bodies I,e Physical body, etheric body, astral body, mental body, causal body, spiritual body and cosmic body. Due to deterioration in human consciousness we experience only our physical body and think that’s what we are but that’s not true.

In the beginning of the human life on earth the human soul was in its purest form. But as in today’s world environment is getting polluted day by day , over the ages human consciousness also got polluted and got influenced by ‘MAYA’ and human beings lost tuning with the infinite and started perceiving God as separate entity. We experience and perceive only physical world around us through our five physical senses, and we communicate our experiences at inter personal level and intra personal level using language of words . We can use our five physical senses at trans-personal level and We can expand our consciousness and communicate across all our seven layers of consciousness and experience ‘God’ within.

Energy and consciousness continuously communicate. As in case of communication at physical level, space is the medium because of which communication becomes possible. Space beyond our physical body and ethric body also is a medium for trans-personal communication. In case of inter personal and intra personal communication, language and words is a method or tool, Trans personal communication is not in the language of words , but its in the language of frequency. for transpersonal communication frequency is the tool.

When sometimes our brain accidentally or automatically gets in tune with this frequency from the space beyond our physical body and ethric body, we experience things like precognition and intuition.

Ultimate Transformation

is the science and technology of expanding and transcending your consciousness and getting in tune with the infinite. That makes you realize many hidden powers you already had but you were unaware of and were not able to use those powers.

Ultimate Transformation

apart from giving you bliss and happiness in your life also helps you unleashing many psychic powers or ‘Siddhis’ as bonus.

Ultimate Transformation

is an amazing workshop which is an excellent blend of many self help technologies like NLP, TLT, etc and PNRP (Psycho Neuro Re-patterning ) .PNRP is developed by Guruji Ashwanikumar as a result of his more than 18 years of research in human consciousness, spirituality , human psychic powers and siddhis.