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Learn scientific techniques in spiritual way to take control of your children’s unwanted behavior and habits & their thinking process to influence them to follow your instructions

In today’s busy life parents are hardly able to spare quality time for their children; as a result children easily get influenced by external stimuli and become victims of addiction, bad habits, erratic and unwanted behavior etc.

What will it be like when you have the power to motivate, influence and persuade your children to obey your advices and instructions? Power to teach them to take value-based decision on their own… what would that be worth to you? Obviously, it would be priceless! Isn’t it?

A powerful 25 videos online course for parents

What do you think will happen to these problems...When you learn to control the minds of your children?

•    Learn most advanced influence and persuasion secrets in the unique skill building online course.

What you will learn

•    Conversationally find out exactly what motivates your child to decide to do some thing.

•    Communicate effectively on both a conscious and unconscious level – at the same time.

•    Spiritual significance of parenting experience. And understanding your karmic relationship with your child.

•    Being spiritually prepared to conceive and invite an evolved soul to reincarnate through you as parents.

•    Doing karmic healing of your child and you as parents to do away with karmic debts.

•    Recognize the secrets that skilled communicators use to get you to do what they want you to do

•    How to Install excellence by creating desired emotional states in yourself and in your child.

What It Really Means To You

•    Clear cut spiritual awareness and understanding of being a parent

•    Higher levels of intimacy and win- win relationship with your children.

•    Greater levels of pride in yourself and your child.

•    Laser focus and a clear direction.

•    More confidence and a significant increase of the control on your children’s behavior.

•    A dramatic change in your children’s behavior and control on unwanted habits.

•    Quality time for your children.