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Siddhi Prapti Saadhna

Precisely Activate and heighten Sensory perception and develop psychic abilities of Your Mind.

Learn how system of divine guidance called The sixth sense really works how nature continuously communicates with you
Learn the language of God the controlling force of the universe

What if you could discover that life is not a mystery and nature guides you through the challenges of life through language of frequency and symbols?

Would you be open to tap your hidden potential and unleash your psychic abilities?

In this Sadhna shivir , you will learn an ancient form of psychic abilities like , swapn siddhi, sankalp siddhi psychic influence etc.

You will learn to utilize your five senses as a medium for accessing layers of emotional input or data.

Within minutes, you will begin to experience the activation of your sixth sense taking place Like any other muscle and skill, Your sixth sense and psychic ability needs exercise!

Ashwanikumar guruji is blessed by his sadguru with many Siddhis and as per sadguru’s message he is now spreading the knowledge of this siddhies to deserving people so as help them evolve to higher level of consciousness. this powerful Sadhna shivir has helped thousands of students. Dramatically enhancing results in all other areas of advanced spiritual and metaphysical development (including meditation).

Why you should attend this Sadhna shivir?

The thing is, most people have undoubtedly stumbled upon or experienced their magnetic sixth sensory from time to time, but even advanced practitioners of the mind rarely discover the full scope of what it has to offer.
Once a seed is planted, it will grow. Once you learn this method, you can’t unknown what direct, first-hand experience will reveal to you…
Enhance the ability to sense and feel, super magnify attention to details and allow yourself to detect the emotional state of others including specific thoughts and intentions.

1. Learn The protocol To Decode The Language Of The God “GUT FEELING.”

We take in millions of bits of sensory input every second. What if you discovered that the majority of the data you take in, wasn’t available to your conscious brain? If there was a way to expand your awareness and actually consciously utilize your “gut feeling” or 6th sense to yield greater amounts of conscious input, wouldn’t you want to know how it was done by others who’ve managed to hack the system first hand? With Feels Like Mastery, that is exactly what you’ll learn.


If you can understand could tune in to the source that warns you of impending danger and alerts you to opportunities before they arise, what else do you think it might be trying to show you? Follow your inner magnetic sense back to the source and you just might discover the purpose that has been calling you out your whole life.


It doesn’t just end with this program. Over the next few weeks, all sign ups will receive additional (free) mind-altering knowledge and techniques known to produce, above all else, results!


This Sadhna shivir will transform the way you view everything from the moment you are exposed to it, forever. By adding an entirely new dimension to your awareness your mind will bloom with a profound aliveness that words can’t fully express.


You have felt something calling out to you since as far back as you can remember. A sense of purpose, a sense of wonderment. Your whole life, society has told you that there is no place for this part of you. Truth is, there’s absolutely is something amazing within you. The stronger you forge your sensory, the more you will come to know that part of yourself, and the greater your power will be to express it.

What all things you will learn in the shivir ?

The ability to experience a person, place or object as if it were you. To see through the eyes of another.


The ability to very quickly size up someone’s intentions, sense their overall tonal or energy. The ability to scan an environment and feel into surrounding objects that can cue you in on past events, the vibe of a place and more.


The ability to hold an object that belongs to someone and extract information about that person including their health, mental state, location. Some claim to be able to use this to locate missing persons, ideally metal objects belonging to that person such as jewelry etc. as metal is believed to absorb and hold emotional data.


To gain insights about events before they happen, increase instinct, and collect more information in all circumstances.

About Ashwanikumar Guruji :

Ashwanikuamr guruji has been blessed with psychic abilities since his child hood. Its only in the year of 2001 he got a divine message from his Sadguru and he set out in search of the knowing the unknown. As part of his 5 years arduous search he met with many enlightened gurus and masters and he also met his sadguru during a unique inexplicable spiritual experience of self awakening. His sadguru blessed him with siddhies and asked him to go back and spread this knowledge of this siddhies to deserving chosen people. Ashwanikumar Guruji has been practicing and teaching many secret yogic kriyaas for last decade. He has been studying and researching in the filed of telepathic communication, psychic abilities, psychic self defense etc. for more than 15 years.

Ashwanikumar gururji is a spiritual Guru and a life coach to many renowned film personalities form bollywood as well as from corporate world. He has been featured in very famous T.V programme ‘MANO YA NA MANO’ . he is also featured in almost all leading news papers and T.V channels like India T.V, ZEE Hindustan, etc. With his psychic ability of time travel he has predicted many significant events with 100 accuracy including the ICC cricket world cup in 2011. Ashwanikumar Guruji has also passed on his siddhies to his Son Devang Trivedi who is also equally competent in his psychic abilities.