Relationship Mastery

MASTER THE INTRICATE SKILLS Needed to navigate the complexities of love, connection and BUILD LASTING FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS like never before

Relationship Mastery is an All-in-one toolkit to Elevate Your Love Life and Transform Your Relationships.


Devang Trivedi

~ Master the dynamics of love and relationships


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Here Are The 3 Major Problems People Face in Relationships

Problem # 1

Unlock The Secrets of Human Attraction, Connection, and Lasting love in " Relationship Mastery " This comprehensive course Delves deep into the Fascinating world of Human Psychology, and the Intricate Dance of Relationships.

Problem # 2

Whether you're looking to improve your own relationships or help others do the same, this course is your ultimate guide to understanding Relationships and mastering the game of love.

Problem # 3

This course has already helped countless individuals like you unlock the secrets to lasting love and fulfilling relationships. "Imagine the joy of experiencing deeper connections, the fulfilment of nurturing meaningful relationships"

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Why Should You Buy This Course...

Benefits of This Course!

If you have any further questions or need clarification on any aspect of the course, please feel free to reach out to our support team, and we'll be happy to assist you.

For Whom Is This 3 Days Workshop For

Existing Numerologists / Professionals

Beginners / Individuals / Aspiring Numerologists

Modules Breakdown Of The 3 Days Live Course

  1. Introduction to Numerology, what it is & Why Numerology is helpful for everyone
  2. How certain numbers impact your life & calculating these numbers 
  3. Different planes of Numerology ~ its influence, attributes & which one you should prefer
  1. Compatibility & non-compatibility of certain numbers in your life
  2. Understanding the behaviors & impact of Friendly, Unfriendly, Lucky, Neutral, Anti & Opposite Numbers & colors
  3. Identifying the favorable & unfavorable days to do anything using Numerology signs
  1. Using numbers to select ideal profession for guaranteed success
  2. How to do the Reading of DOB for Accurate Results?
  3. Combination of Numbers, Pairing of Numbers & Repeating Number Impacts

Meet Your Trainer

Devang Trivedi
– Relationship Mastery

Master the dynamics of love and relationships

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The course is designed and developed by Devang Trivedi

A Psychotherapist having a Rich Dducational base having Studied Psychology Academically and having Developed various Psychotherapies and Audio Therapies as well…..( hey !!!! you will get to experience the audio therapy along with the purchase of the course that’s a return gift 😊)

Devang is a Most Sought after Psychotherapist for people from all walks of life.

His esteemed clients range from who’s who of Bollywood, business and politics.

“My mission is to empower 100000 Women live a life of Significance and guide them to be Self-Reliant and Financially, Mentally and Emotionally Independent!”

Straightway Benefits You Get With
3 Days Numerology Workshop

Ability to find the root cause of any problems using numbers ~ not just finding them but also fixing them for the best possible outcome

Identifying the good & bad in a number, the energies behind the numbers & why you should not always run after fulfilling numbers like 5 & 6 which are suggested by most people

Understanding of Chaldean Numerology ~ the origin of Numerology science & using it for making predictions (Note: Very few people teach Chaldean Method & at a huge price… Here you get it for free!)

Start working with Indian & International clients by providing Numerology consultations so that you earn 6-7 figures a month (even as a side skill!)

Giving remedies for past mistakes using simple concepts of Numerology and making perfect decisions for better outcomes in future

And much, much more…!

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You’ll get the access to the recordings of the whole 3 days live workshop so you will never miss important points and learn at a faster pace.

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🎁Bonus #2: Notes + PDF from the Workshop

You will get important notes and all the PDFs you need so you can implement each and everything that has been taught in the workshop.

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🎁Bonus #3: Q&A Session After Each Class

You will get important notes and all the PDFs you need so you can implement each and everything that has been taught in the workshop.

Priced: ₹ 2500/-

🎁Bonus #4: Access To Our Private Telegram Community

A private community to network with people having similar interest as of yours & get notified about the latest update first

Priced: ₹ 4000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

– The course consists of 7 videos, each with its own module (PDFs). You can complete it at your own pace, but it’s typically designed for a 7-week schedule.

– This course is suitable for individuals at all levels of familiarity with relationships. It covers foundational concepts and advanced insights.

– No prior knowledge or experience is required. The course is designed to be accessible to everyone interested in improving their relationships.

– This is a pre-recorded course, but we do offer opportunities for Q&A sessions and discussion forums to address your questions.

– We encourage you to engage with the content actively & complete the given Worksheet/Task given in the PDFs. You’ll have opportunities for self-reflection and application of the concepts discussed.

– Yes, the course is compatible with mobile devices and tablets, allowing you to learn on the go.

– Each enrollment is intended for a single user. If you’d like to purchase the course as a gift, please contact our support team for assistance.

– Yes, we provide a dedicated community forum where you can learn along with fellow learners.

– After enrolling, you will receive login credentials to access the course materials on our online learning platform. You can log in at any time.

– You can access the course content at your own pace and revisit any modules you may have missed. We encourage you to watch the respectives video on time to keep up with the class.