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Hapy life foundation was founded by almost 10 years back by Ashwanikumarji by the name of Happy life community, with a view to spread awareness of true spirituality and helping people through workshops and various other activities.

Ashwanikumarji founder of happy life foundation have been conducting workshops for spreading knowledge of self awareness, helping people changing their lives taking control of emotions, getting rid of addictions, and bad habits.

After 15 years of experience of helping people changing their lives through his workshops Guruji Ashwanikumarji set out with a mission to intensify his movement of ‘VYASAN MUKT BHARAT’. Almost 65% of the population of India is youth and majority of them are victim of some or the other addiction.

Ashwanikumarji has developed a therapeutic method through which he is able to help a person quit addiction within just few minutes. Ashwanikumarji has also helped thousands of people getting rid of years long depression, fears and phobias.

Because of his profound knowledge in spirituality and psychology he decided to start Happy Life Foundation with a mission for a noble cause of ‘VYASAN MUKT BHARAT’ and also helping people giving psycho-spiritual guidance through his discourses and workshops.

Hapy Life Foundation has also plans for starting schools with mission to provide free education to underprivileged children, conducting self awareness shivirs for prisoners, providing free medicines to poor and old people etc.

Apart from above mentioned activities Happy Life Foundation is determined to contribute to the overall growth of society in every possible manner, and foundation would take necessary actions for achieving its goal and fulfilling its mission.