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Atma Kalyan Yoga

Science of enlightenment and secrets of Mind

ATMA KALYAN YOGA is the science of the future. Systematic application of these techniques leads to rapid transformation of Consciousness.

ATMA KALYAN YOGA is an experiential method of self-realization that teaches the oneness of life embodied in all substance, energy and thought. It teaches Universal Law so we can understand our duty to both self and humanity.

ATMA KALYAN YOGA offers keys which unlock the hidden meaning of the holy books of the world. It teaches a Method that accesses the essence of all religions and philosophies revealing their inner truths, their actual practical application in everyday life and their reconciliation with Science.

It is power in the hands of those who discipline themselves to follow its principles and practices. These methods lead to self-mastery, the realization of our highest capabilities and manifest in physical vitality, prolonged youth, intensified talents, and strength of character, honorable and more abundant lives.

ATMA KALYAN YOGA methods have been used by wisdom seekers for thousands of years in the search for Universal Truth. Through breath work and affirmations along with meditation students learn to transmute the human qualities of our nature into a higher frequency.

Atma Kalyan Yoga Offers a Holistic Approach to Spiritual Development, As We Are Spiritual Beings having a human experience; it offers methods and practices for the development of Body, Mind and Spirit.

BREATH, without which there is no life, is used to bring the body into balance, revitalizing every cell, and increasing well-being with life-force energy. Breath work techniques from Tibet are taught as a major key in physical development, emotional stabilization, and expansion of mental power. An abundant supply of oxygen to the brain brings clarity of thinking as well as refining and sharpening the memory. Prana, the food of the soul, is a major component in the air we breathe and can be utilized and stored within the body for healing.

In Order To Develop The Mind in a harmonious balance with body and spirit, several study courses are offered. The Initiate Group Course teaches basic Universal Law, self-realization as well as God-realization and the development of Higher Consciousness. Students are taught practices that promote whole brain thinking and release blocked energy from the body energy centers (chakras). These lessons-in-living facilitate an understanding of TRUTH and a personal experience of the concept that whatever the Creator is, I am in human form.

What is taught in Atma Kalyan Yoga?

Necessary for proper health is offered so that students come into a state of Man-Woman know thy self. A study of 21 body types and the diet that is right for each individual to balance the endocrine glands is included in the course of study.

Assists the development of spiritual awareness. Chakras, or energy centers of the body, are cleansed and vitalized by Prana , the life force energy taken in with each breath. This revitalizing power can be directed to specific areas of the body and to other people for healing.

is the golden key to true spiritual unfoldment. Through meditation the seeds of Higher Consciousness are nurtured. With physical, mental and spiritual preparation, Seekers expand their awareness so that maximum benefits are derived.

of Spiritual Truth is brought about by Transmutation, Chanting and Advanced Tibetan Breath work, which ground intellectual knowledge into practical, livable Truth. Individuals grow into their higher potential and fullest expression, as well as developing what is considered special powers that are available to all through proper study, training and discipline.

in a harmonious balanced approach opens the way to use this ancient wisdom for establishing health, abundance and harmony as the norm, not the exception.

Content Of Workshop

1. Relationship of soul body and mind.
2. Understanding the Mind and how it works
3. Methods for Chitta Suddhi
4. Mind and its spiritual Importance
5. Relationship of Nature and the mind
6. Understanding how God communicates
7. Tuning up mind with God’s mind for getting divine guidance.
8. Various breath work techniques