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Every thing in the universe functions according to a unique divine system . all the plantets revolves on their axis and  rotates around sun in defined speed at orbit , and each planet has it’s own vibrational frequency every living being on planet earth is also a part of the same system and so is our life.

All the planets has specific impact on human psyche and affects human life accordingly  a very good example is  the effect of moon on human psyche  , on full moon night there is a tide in the ocean it is due to  radiation effect of on the water of the ocean due to the reflection of suns light on moon’s surface  because moon does no have it’s own light.

Human body consists almost 80% water and it also has NACL – sodium chloride  ( as in the case of water in the ocean) . so as the rays of moon has an impact on the ocean  it also has an impact on the human psyche.  Most of the insanes  in the assylum    had to be tied with ropes and chains on the full moon night because they are more likely to go  berserk  on  full moons night and that is why the word “lunatic” is used  for the person  with no control on his psyche People living in the countries located on equator has average physique and has wheatish or dark complexion as compared to people living in the countries near to the poles it is due to the difference in the degree of sunrays .

These are two very good examples as to how planets affect human  body and psyche . the same way all other planets also have it’s own characteristics and affects human psyche and life as well

Our  Astrological horoscope is a pattern showing  angles and position  of various planets  according to longitude and latitude of the place of our birth.

An astrologer is able to predict the impact of planets on person’s life.  Our ancient muni’s and rishis have suggested three different methodologies to correct the adverse effect of these planets in a persons life , that is “TANTRA” ,“MANTRA” , and “YANTRA” astrologer either suggest wearing a gemstone or chanting a mantra or performing  certain rituals all these are examples of these methodologies called  tantra mantra and yantra which ultimately helps us in synchronizing  our consciousness with the frequency of a particular planet   

Astrosonics is an amazing audio program which is  excellent combination  of all the three tantra , mantra and yantra  it is a set of  nine audio cd’s  each for a particular planets i.e  moon , mars ,  venus etc.

Each audio cd is recorded in resonance with the frequency of particular planet when this audio program is listened  to using a headphone it aligns and synchronizes listeners field of consciousness with the corresponding planet, which helps eliminating negative impact of the planet in person’s life  this audio program is developed and designed after  7  years   intense scientific  research , it is recorded using  unique technology

How to use the program  – each audio track  is of 20 minutes. Person needs to listen to each audio a day In a way this is  a kind of nine day audio therapy on completion of nine days program a person can continue listening to the cd’s every day if he feels so  the selection of the cd to be listened to should be done on each weekday according to the corresponding planet of the day e.g  sun on Sunday moon on Monday ,  mercury on Tuesday and so on .  Uranus and Pluto are the planets which actually are not in physical form it is known to be in shadowed form ( chchaya grah) , audio cd for the same can be listened to any weekday according to the convenience of the listener.

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