What is UA3P ?

UA3P stands for Unconscious Minds Ability Activation Audio Program.

Ua3p is a audio program which is a fusion of music therapy and latest mind science called PNRP(psycho neuro re-patterning) this audio program helps you to use the power of your unconscious mind A.K.A SUB- CONSCIOUS mind

How UA3P Works

Our thoughts plays an important role in the decisions that we take and the deeds we do our actions and our decision’s shapes our life . the quality of life that you are living today Is the result of your decision or your not taking a decision…

How to use it ?

You can use U.A.3.P cd’s almost any time and as much as you want . you must listen to U.A.3.P cd’s with the use of stereo headphones.

*you must not use U.A.3.P audio cd’s while driving or operating any machinery or doing any work that requires your utmost attention


What is U.A.3.P, and what does it offer?

U.A.3.P combine two powerful sciences — PNRP (psycho-neuro-re-patterning) and Brainwave Therapy…

UA3P Products

Automatic Attraction :

– Attract the prosperity you deserve
– Create a life of prosperity, ease and abundance