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Automatic Attraction :

  • Attract the prosperity you deserve
  • Create a life of prosperity, ease and abundance

Be Disciplined :

  • Make discipline a way of your life
  • Re-Program the way your mind operates to achieve a greater level of self discipline.
  • stick to your plans even when things get difficult
  • Train your mind to stop putting things off – learn to ACT NOW and get things done.
  • Develop the ability to concentrate and focus, and not get distracted.

Blossom Relationship : strengthen your relationships

  • Helps in healing relationships
  • Become more in tune with your partner

Brain Massage : Refresh your brain

  • Wash away stress and tension
  • Relieve headaches
  • Overcome stressful feelings

Confidence Boost :

  • Build self-confidence
  • Increase personal power
  • Learn to love yourself

Emotional well being :

  • increases emotional quotient
  • Overcome emotional trauma
  • Restore and maintain emotional balance

Faster Healing :

  • helps in physical and mental healing and
  • speedy recovery

Improve Intelligence :

  • helps to use your intellect at it’s best
  • Boosts the intelligence of head and heart
  • Speeds up the intellectual processes

Improve Memory :

  • improve your learning ability
  • Remember things faster
  • Develop powerful long term and short- term memory

Increase Creativity :

  • Refresh your brain
  • Realize new ideas and insights
  • Enter states of lucid awareness

Increased Concentration :

  • Improve clarity and perception
  • Clear mental fog and boost energy
  • Increase cognition and concentration

Inner Happiness :

  • rid of negative feelings like guilt , sadness , low feeling , self sabotage etc
  • Enjoy a inner sense of happiness and gratitude
  • Improves mood

Interest in Study :

  • develop interest in study.
  • Whether it is academic or any other.
  • Develop likeness for each and every subject

Kick Cancer :

  • helps in rapid healing of cancer patients.
  • Gives them mental power to fight with the disease
  • Helps in minimizing side effects of chemotherapy

Loose weight :

  • loosing weight becomes easy,
  • get rid of overeating,
  • develop a discipline of dieting.
  • Develop likeness for exercising
  • Eliminate self-sabotage
  • Overcome food addictions
  • Adopt a slim mindset
  • Decrease appetite
  • Increase energy and metabolism
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise to increase radiance.
  • Discover true self-appreciation and respect
  • Eat foods that turn into beauty and health.
  • Be attractive, active and in demand.

Make money:

  • develop inner strength of seeking out money making opportunities.
  • boosts new ideas for making money.
  • Improves your money management and money making skill

Manage Stress:

  • stress eliminates with less effort than you think
  • develop ability to handle stressful situations.
  • Develop inner confidence to tackle stress get rid of negative and harmful stress.

Manage Time :

  • manage time effectively
  • Helps to understand priorities
  • Get rid of time wastage
  • Develops ability to use the time and resources wisely

Maximum Relaxation :

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Replenish your energy
  • Increase creativity
  • Generate powerful states of wholeness and well-being

Motivation Charging :

  • Increase motivation and drive
  • Get things done
  • Achieve your goals

No Fear :

  • get rid of fear
  • Develop confidence and courage
  • No phobia : gain control over your fearful thoughts
  • Develop confidence and courage

Positive thinking :

  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Obliterate negative thinking
  • Produce Positive thoughts

Powerful Protection Shield :

  • generates a powerful and positive aura shield around you
  • Protects you from negative energy
  • Protects your office , home workplace from negative energy

Quit anger :

  • gain control of your self
  • Get rid of anger of your past
  • Get rid of harming yourself or others

Quit Depression :

  • refresh your brain
  • Wash away stress and tension
  • Overcome stressful feelings
  • Overcome feeling low and negative thoughts

Quit drugs :

  • get rid of craving for drug
  • Heal the disturbed brain and body mechanism
  • Develop inner strength and ability

Quit over eating :

  • feel satisfaction after eating
  • Helps to feel saified even if you eat less
  • Removes craving for food
  • Balance your diet
  • Helps in following your diet plan

Quit smoking :

  • Significantly reduce cravings
  • Bolster inner resolve
  • Minimize withdrawal symptoms

Revitalize Health :

  • Increase energy and motivation
  • Boost vitality
  • Improve and enhance brain and body functioning
  • Enhance skin radiance
  • Feel younger !

Self esteem Boost :

  • get rid of self sabotage
  • Boosts your inner confidence and boldness
  • Get rid of shyness
  • Develop a sense of importance and value for yourself and your life

Sleep better :

  • Retrain your brain to sleep better
  • Rest and sleep more deeply

Study Well :

  • study in organized manner
  • Study with powerful focus and concentration
  • Remember the studied material
  • Develop intrest in all the subjects
  • Successful Exams : removes fear of exam
  • Helps in receptivity
  • Remember answers and formulas during exam

Tackle Pain :

  • tackle pain temporarily
  • Decreases the feeling of pain
  • Helps in faster recovery
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