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Zodiacal Rulership: Taurus and Libra
Venus Qualities: Cooling, relaxing, calming  and aids in creation; facilitates fertility and birthing; acts as an anti-inflammatory agent; clears throat chakra issues; inspires  creativity and invoking the spirit of feminine energy. this  naturally allows you open yourself up to truly fulfilling relationships because you’re able to articulate what you need and can also give what your loved ones need.

Venus  audio  track compells you to drop your protective armor and the internal narratives you  have created to keep you from engaging in healthy relationship. The vibration of Venus is meant to warm our hearts and soften our intellects so that we can merge with others in meaningful dialogue to build community and mutual understanding. Part of our mission here on earth is to learn about our ultimate oneness with all others through the emotional vehicle of love. The Venus audio track  is used to therapeutically dispel feelings of loneliness, bitterness and wounds of the heart. It strengthens the feminine aspect, encouraging greater fertility in both mind and body. The movement is from internalization and avoidance to active loving engagement and willing participation.

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