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Uranus represents electricity, individualism, originality, and freedom.

Zodiacal Rulership: Aquarius
Uranus Qualities: Edgy, penetrating, liberating helps break through old patterns; connects with inner genius; invites Kundalini energy; supports spontaneous insights and intuition. it is used to incite community action, to build new bonds through group ceremony and to foster deep group connections.

The planet Uranus is a harbinger of change. It moves against the flow of ordinary understanding, defying even the most powerful and monumental forces to carve a unique pathway through space. The Uranus audio track vibrations inspires us to break through our entrenched ideas and habitual tendencies to create something entirely revolutionary in our lives. It stimulates our electromagnetic system, “sparking” us toward greater creativity, individuality and resourcefulness. It calms spasmodic behavioral patterns. It summons the collective consciousness and makes you strong in the face of revolutionary change.

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Astrosinic Uranus audio


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