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Zodiacal Rulership: Leo.
Sun Qualities: Authoritative, confidence building, individuating, emboldening
Brings self-esteem; builds confidence; heals issues of pride and arrogance; promotes self-understanding. It is used to heal and invigorate communities, to self-identify and summon your  leadership within groups

The energy of the Sun is the ruling energy of all life on planet earth. Its vibration summons feelings of confidence, assertiveness and leadership. As a fueling energy, it provides us with vitality and individuated power. The vibrations of the sun audio track create a sound that is bright, expansive and generative. It brings into balance distortions in the emotional field manifested by feelings of anger, self-absorption and alienation from community. mentally we move  away from hatred and toward love, deeply affecting the heart and the spine, overcoming blockages that manifest as feelings of limitation and contraction and an inability to receive love.

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