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There are several identifiable symptoms of people who have no self-esteem

They suffer from a low self-image or have a low opinion of their self-worth. They often feel inferior to other people and constantly compare themselves to other people and are easily affected by other people’s opinions or when they receive criticism. being rejected by the opposite sex, peers or even within their social circle upsets them more than it should.  They feel they have to prove something to other people. They feel they have to be good at something all the time. They put others down in order to put themselves above others

If you recognize yourself in any of the statements above then you suffer from low self-esteem issues in some form or other. It is no use trying to work on the problems above individually. You need to work on the cause – i.e. your low self-esteem

Building self-esteem can be difficult, but you can do it with the help of this  track

Improve your self-esteem from the inside out by targeting the root cause – your mind!  this  track will help you:

  • Re-Program your mind to change your opinion of yourself into a more positive one.
  • Train your mind to relax and stop worrying about what other people think of you all the time.
  • Develop a stronger state of mind, to be less affected by rejection and other people’s criticism.
  • Increase your confidence – become comfortable just being yourself.
  • Increase your natural belief in yourself, without the need to prove yourself to anyone.
  • Increase your natural self-pride and self-respect.

Remove any mental barriers to success and eliminate any negative thoughts that might hinder your progress.

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Self Esteem Boost


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