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Zodiacal Rulership: Capricorn
Saturn Qualities: Structuring, goal orientation, acceptance of responsibility
Establishes healthy boundaries; fosters understanding the wisdom and lessons of time and also  inspires responsibility for self and society and to create healthy boundaries. Listening to Saturn audio track moves us  deep into the core of our material selves and helps to gain stability, structure, perseverance and wisdom.

It fortifies and stimulates our basic mental and physical structure, helping us to remain firm in our commitments, stand tall in the face of adversity and to preserve our integrity in situations which challenge our legal and ethical boundaries. Saturnine personalities often manifest symptoms of depression and despondency, based in an unwillingness to accept the limitations of the material world. The innate longing to be free of any physical restraint creates an internal struggle where the soul is continuously trying to break free, manifested by feelings of apathy and disengagement, and a feeling of being “spaced out.”. The  Saturn audio track  provides a sound context for drawing us into our core, helping us to develop self-discipline and centeredness within our bodily confines. The Saturn audio track creates a vibrational vehicle for bringing us decidedly into the present, where we can most fully understand the language of our five senses as they communicate to us about the world we live in.

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