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Zodiacal Rulership: Scorpio
Pluto Qualities: Deep inner landscape, buried riches Eliminates toxicity, clears deep emotional trauma

The planet Pluto  represents the last frontier, the underworld, hidden riches, the deep and mysterious. it also represents our farthest reach into the solar system, as distant from the sun as we have yet allowed ourselves to venture to. On the physical plane, Pluto is a place of cold and shadow, far from the warmth of our beloved life-giving star, and yet it is an integral part of our solar system, rotating as steadily around our sun as any of the other planets. The vibration given to us by Pluto guides us to let go of trivial attachments to the material world, healing obsessive behaviors and mired thought patterns. It brings the darkest parts of us into a balanced orbit with the brightest and warmest aspects of our natures.  Pluto restores balance to polarities within our psyche that threaten to break apart, addressing mental illness manifested by feelings of fragmentation and inability to feel compassion or empathy for others. the Pluto audio track  may be used to treat conditions of toxic accumulation, inadequate elimination and growth stagnation.

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