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Zodiacal Rulership: Cancer
Moon Qualities: Building, Bridging, Nurturing, Fulfilling , supports emotional passages; brings relationships to fulfillment and projects to completion

The Moon audio track helps to reach and celebrate the depth of our creativity, vibrating us into a full recognition of our ability to manifest ideas into physical reality. This audio track’s vibrations   invite us to rest in a sense of fulfillment, completion and pride in our  accomplishments where we can release the stresses associated with feelings of incompetency, impotency or inadequacy. This kind of healing allows us to fully embody the place we have come to and see it in its wholeness and divine perfection.  listening to this audio track on a full moon day allows us to break through old patterns and molds that no longer belong to us, summoning us to fully express emotions that we have held inside in order to conform to limiting spaces and definitions.

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