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Zodiacal Rulership: Gemini and Virgo
Mercury Qualities: Accelerating, mediating, synthesizing

Mercury represents synthesis, communication, inventiveness and speech. This Mercury audio track  activates a state of mental acuity and clarity, reaching deep into the confines of our nervous system to sharpen and brighten our senses. From the misty and fleeting realm of thoughts and dreams, we are brought into the material world of physical sensation and vocal articulation. In a therapeutic setting, the Mercury audio track is used to dispel confusion and mental disorders that are based in repetitive, neurotic thought patterning. The Mercurial vibrations intercepts a racing mind, improves our ability to discern what is right or wrong from a multiplicity of choices, and awakens a sluggish nervous system, improving bodily coordination and our ability to vocally articulate our needs and desires. This track helps to move  from confused and erratic decision-making processes and disjunctive bodily functions to mental clarity, eloquence and physical grace.

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