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The popular “law of attraction ” is a concept  that states that we can just think about and focus on what we want and attract money, love, success .. in-fact, anything we desire into our lives. what most people feel is that they just have to imagine themselves getting what they want  and believe in the law of attraction….well  this is more like wishful thinking that doesn’t gets you ahead in life .

“Automatic Attraction”  increases your focus and activates your mental mechanism that helps you particularly notice all the information that you need to succeed and get what you want in life. it helps you to recognize the right opportunities, the right people, right information by unleashing your intellectual power

  • activate your deeper unconscious mind
  • Enhance your intelligence
  • finally get the results you deserve!

this track has been designed to penetrate deep into the core of your unconscious mind, to  access the untapped  intellectual power thus unleashing your intellect and ability to gather, analyze and use information which in a broader aspect we call intellect. thus achieve all that you want in meaningful and logical way than just practicing wishful thinking. makes sense isn’t it !

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Automatic Attraction


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