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Zodiacal Rulership: Aries
Mars Qualities: Stimulating, igniting, passionate, driving Promotes self-esteem

The spirit of Mars is one of decisive action and aggressive determination. listening to the Mars audio track  gets you  into a state of attention and readiness for either fight or flight, where mental and physical obstacles can be readily overcome and the next step may be taken toward growth and development. Therapeutically, the Mars enlivening, helping to dislodge obstructions in circulation and musculature so that the body can literally move forward without impediment. The energy of Mars is masculine and procreative.  It helps us to realize our potential for powerful motion and gives us the strength to accomplish goals that require visionary courage and athletic stamina. regular therapeutic use relieves sluggishness and a lack of motivation and creates a vibration of excited anticipation and hope for the future.

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