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Jupiter represents expansion, abundance, optimism, and evokes the benevolent father.

Zodiacal Rulership: Sagittarius
Jupiter Qualities: Joy, optimism, generosity, expansion

The planet Jupiter marks a transition in our solar system from solid surfaces and defined cores to gaseous and atmospheric domains where matter is still in the process of becoming. listening  to this audio track   stimulates growth at the most outer limits and the areas of our life where we have yet to define goals and set boundaries. It vibrates us into an awareness of ourselves as participants in the greater body of life, engendering feelings of abundance and a sparked recognition of the unlimited resources that surround us. The Jupiter  audio track may be used to stimulate consciousness, bringing awareness to universal issues of philosophical, spiritual and mythical importance. It helps to cleanse stagnant liver energy, aiding in the release of suppressed anger and supplicating addictive attachments to the material world.  in a larger context of life it unites groups of individuals to be of “one mind” in order to achieve goals for the common good.

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