How UA3P Works

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Our thoughts plays an important role in the decisions that we take and the deeds we do our actions and our decision’s shapes our life . the quality of life that you are living today Is the result of your decision or your not taking a decision . our brain is like a computer and mind is like a software. till date this software has been programmed by society ,media television schools family friends etc. and a part of this programming is favorable to you and some of the programming done is not favorable or harmful to you. You see this programming is Is done automatically …it means that it is not programmed the way you want it to be programmed for your own benefit and betterment . often this software gets mis-programmed on it’s own and results into addiction, bad habits and phobias and negative beliefs.

When sesnsory information reaches the brain through your nervous system Your conscious mind analyzes the information and then it passes that information to your unconscious mind. However while analyzing the information conscious mind resists some of the information and deletes it. because of this changes does not occur in the functioning of your brain & body mechanism. And you don’t get the desired changes in life’s different aspects.

What U.A.3.P does is that it bypasses the conscious mind so the information reaches the unconscious mind and as unconscious mind does not apply any logic it accepts the command and directs the conscious mind to act accordingly. This results into getting the changes that you want.

Just imagine how wonderful it will be if you can program your mind just the way you want !!!. you will be able to make positive powerful and drastic changes in your relationships , your job ,your business, your career , health and almost every aspect of your life.

Students especially have a major benefit with this they are able to study effectively and develop liking towards studies and that too without pressure of parents or teachers.

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