Ashwanikumar a Life coach and a spiritual Guru of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent psycho-spiritual expert. ‘Guruji’ As he is fondly known, is determined to bring revolution helping people evolve their consciousness by bringing purity in collective consciousness, and helping people getting rid of addictions, negativity, depression , fears and many other mental and emotional issues.

Ashwanikumarji has been conducting workshops and shvirs through out the India and abroad and works tirelessly for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all. His mastery of trans-personal psychology , deep understanding of spirituality, his profound insight of meaning of life, is out come of his experience of enlightenment during his meditation and his quest for understanding life and experiencing God. He says, “you are co-creator of the universe, an expression of supreme consciousness and you as co-creator can get in tune with the infinite and bring eternal bliss in Life”

He has vast experience of working with corporate as very senior managerial post. He had a deep desire for helping people and guiding them through adversities of life. He studied in depth the sciences like NLP,TLT ,EFT etc. and as a result of indepth study he developed amazing methodology PNRP (Psycho Neuro Re-patterning). After his unique experience of self realization he decided to quit his promising job and set out in search of a real Guru and meaning of life. He spent about three years travelling in northern India and spent time with many spiritual masters in Himalaya, Tibet , Haridwar etc and gained profound knowledge of gaining spiritual powers. His ability to travel in time and get any information about any pace ,thing, or person is the outcome of his learning from these masters. On advice of his guru he decided to come back and to spread true knowledge of spirituality and understanding life.

Guruji is the most unusual psycho-spiritual master that one can encounter. Marking a clear departure from mere customs and rituals, Guruji's scientific methods for self-transformation gives instant and life long results. He has helped millions of people getting rid of fears, phobias, depression and addictions. For his unique ability of bringing instant transformation in an individual and his accurate predictions using his ability of travelling in time, he has been featured in almost all leading T.V news channels and news papers.

Guruji is personal life coach to many eminent personalities from Bollywood and corporate world.

Guruji has given his speeches at many most prominent national and international forums. He has also conducted shivirs and workshops for Speaking Tree,

Through his profound knowledge and his ability to communicate at transpersonal level, Guruji bridges the gap between the knowledge and wisdom, known and the unknown, enabling all those who encounter him to explore and experience the deepest dimensions of life though his personal meetings and his very popular Youtube channel