Chakrasonics Faq

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Does it work immediately?

Most people notice or feel something uplifting happening during their very first listening session. Although the changes begin to take place in the first session, they may be subtle and increasingly noticeable over the following weeks. You should experience the healing benefits after a period of 2-3 weeks of daily listening. However, the truth is that everybody will experience results and effects in their own time frames as they would with any form of regular exercise. Just remember that consistency and regular use is a must if you want to create permanent change in your life.

Is louder better when listening to your music?

No. Our audio is designed to be most effective at comfortable to low volume levels. However, I recommend that you experiment with volumes to find whatever levels work best for you.

Do I have to use headphones? If so, what kind?

Headphones are not required but they can give you more focus, bringing external noise down to a minimum. I personally prefer headphones over speakers. What kind? Our music will work fine on most medium quality headphones and ear buds.

When is the best time to listen to these tones?

It’s up to you. It is also generally better to set a specific time of day or night so your audio sessions become more routine. listen to the healing frequencies right after waking up, during the day and just before falling asleep. We encourage you to experiment and do whatever works best for you.

What happens if I don’t listen regularly?

Although it is best to follow our advice for daily listening, there will be times when you are not able to do so. This is ok – you will still gain the benefits any time you listen.

How long do I need to listen to the frequencies in order to maintain the positive effects?

The longer you continue to listen, the more permanent the changes and improvements. Of course, if you are happy with your results and do not feel a need for more extended listening, you can simply stop. You can always begin listening again anytime as needed. However, regularly playing Chakrasonics helps to keep your body in harmony and balance.

Who should not listen to your music?

Do not listen to these sounds while operating machinery, potentially dangerous equipment, performing potentially hazardous activities or driving. People with epilepsy should contact their medical practitioners if they wish to use Chakrasonics.

Are there any side effects of using the frequencies?

The side effects are nearly all positive. However, some people may feel uncomfortable while listening to the music the very first time Therefore, your brain can have an extra audio mind aerobics type workout, much like lifting weights in a gym for muscle growth. If you do feel uncomfortable, simply listen at low to barely audible levels, for shorter durations or less frequently until the negative feelings subside. In the very unlikely event that you experience intense or prolonged physical or mental discomfort, please discontinue use or see a medical professional.

I’m pregnant. Is it suitable for me to listen to these harmonics before the birth of my babie?

Our music is unlikely to cause any problems – in fact, your baby will probably enjoy the soothing audio sessions as much as you do. However, purely as a precaution, I recommend you consult with a physician before listening to any of my audio.

I’m deaf. Will the frequencies work for me?

I believe you can feel the vibrations of chakrasonics with the whole body. You could experiment using higher volume settings to help compensate for hearing loss. The AUDIO of chakrasonics may even work for you through bone conduction.

Can I listen to the music during sleep?

Yes. Most benefits will occur as your body and brain are still receiving the stimuli.

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