What is religion in real sense?

Religion in real sense does not consist of certain rituals and traditions being performed. Essentially, it should be a way of life and an approach to exist in the universe. Religion itself is defined as a social-cultural system of designated behaviours and practices, morals, worldviews, texts, sanctified places, prophecies, ethics, or organizations, that relates humanity to supernatural, transcendental, or spiritual elements. But sadly, as per our convenience and comfort, we have interpreted the word religion. It should guide us about the right method of existing peacefully in this life, cordially interacting with the people around us, making efforts to attain lasting peace and finally it should enlighten us about our own self. Religion can have a major impact on a person’s way of life and life experience. A religious person may find a number of areas of life to be affected by their beliefs. A person may develop faith as per their beliefs of childhood or as a result of some personal search. Some individuals may experience persecution or discrimination as a result of their belief system. Others might have certain beliefs imposed upon them by family, friends, or intimate partners and feel obligated to uphold these beliefs, even when they differ from personal views. Many people believe that their religious faith is a source of comfort and consolation. They may find that believing in a higher power gives meaning to their lives and gives them a set of standards or moral code to live by. Religious faith can make it easier for some people to cope with life challenges and practice compassion for others. Some religions, however, may deviate from their doctrine, operate under principles that may be harmful to mental or physical well-being, or discourage individuals from expressing certain aspects of their nature. When this is the case, a person may start questioning or questioning aspects of faith that may lead to emotional and mental distress. Religion can be connected to various other studies pervading on this planet. From astrology to the study of human rights, religion played various roles. For example, Different cultures have different views about the spiritual nature of the sky and how it relates to life and events on Earth Or religious beliefs influencing politics, religion took over every aspect of life on earth.
It can, therefore, be interpreted that the negative aspect of religion is tremendous in our society. Not only this, religion restricts the free-thinking of human beings. It produces a sense of numbness in man and thereby makes him insensible to the actual happenings of the world. It teaches people to live in the world of determinism. People forget the capacity of their free-thinking and which ultimately makes them blunt in analyzing the natural phenomena scientifically. Thus, if the feeling of religion is controlled in society, people will live peacefully and there would be less possibility of clashes between major communities all over the world.

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