How to handle jealousy?

Jealousy is an unavoidable feeling that almost every one of us experience. Jealousy is
simply when you react to a perceived threat of losing someone or something that is very valuable to you to another person. While it is your reaction when someone has something (looks, material possessions, titles) that you don’t have. The problem with jealousy isn’t that it happens occasionally, but what it can do to us if we don’t take hold of it. If we allow our jealousy to outshine us or influence the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us, it can be terrifying to experience what happens. Research has shown that growing aggression is associated with lower self-esteem. Many of us are still unaware of the underlying guilt that resides within each of us, as it comes so easily to speak of oneself with self-critical thoughts. Jealousy can often mean an end to relations, and jealousy can result in insecurity, irrationality, and control.
It is rightly said, “the jealous are troublesome to others but a torment to themselves.” thus it becomes very important to take preventive measures such as:
● Shift your focus to your life’s goodness. One of the biggest reasons we envy another’s life is because we started taking things for granted. Your life, like everyone else, is too valuable to be lived. You have plenty of reasons to be grateful for your life.
● Always remember no one has it all, stop comparing your life with others. When you spend all your time talking to people about their jobs, their new cars, and their lavish vacations, you would naturally fall into the inevitable pit of comparing your possessions with theirs. It is always wise to stay away from people like these.
● Always seek grateful people who are happy with their lives and spend time with them in order to learn positive things from them.
● Learn to enjoy satisfaction. It is always important to realise how much of a particular thing you have and how much you actually need. Always tend to be satisfied because ultimately you’ll be the one who is going to end up sad.
● Stay away from social media. Social media has proved to be the source of creating
such feelings among people of various age groups. People posting stories of their possessions, showing off their new skills etc on stories and post does not show the story behind a particular thing. You might get jealous of the output but never realise the way he created such a thing.
● Learn how to free yourself from resentment and anger. never hold on to past incidents when people have hurt you. Never allow yourself to continue to be hurt by things that happened years ago Or experience a hard time by letting go of your own mistakes.
● Never act when you’re jealous. Feeling jealous is normal in a relationship, especially if there is a perceived threat from another person. The problem arises when you start acting on that feeling and allow it to erode your better judgment. If you start to feel jealous, take a moment to practice mindfulness and tune into your body to figure out exactly what you are feeling. Try taking a walk or doing some journaling to process your emotions and get to the root of your jealousy.
As a conclusion, jealousy manifests itself in a variety of ways from person to person, but most people agree that the feeling of jealousy can be overwhelming. However, feeling jealous is very natural when one feels like their well-being is being threatened. What is important is how one reacts to their jealousy. If he gets motivated to work harder then it might be good but if the same feeling overpowering him with his thoughts, he has to control them before the feelings destroy him.

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