Does something like moksha exist?

As lord Krishna said in bhagwad Geeta, ” whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer sacrifice, whatever you give as charity, whatever austerity you perform, do that as an offering unto me. Then shall you be freed from the bonds of karma bearing good and evil fruits. With a heart firmly set on renunciation, you shall attain Moksha.” What did this mean? For years, Hindus continue to believe that moksha is a state far from death and in between rebirth to attain an ultimate goal. It is a state of mind and soul where it is free of our past Karma. We emancipate from all attachments, desires and illusions.
Mahatma Gandhi said, ” Dharma is one and only one. Ahimsa means moksha and moksha is the realisation of the truth.” He meant moksha is self realisation. It is the liberation of the mind and body. It is the ultimate decision of oneself to accept the truth about himself and realise what we are not. It is a stage of enlightenment achieved by the output of our karma. “On the advent of Buddhism, Dharma was entirely neglected, and the path of Moksha alone became predominant.” The Hindus earlier defined three ways to attain moksha, Kama( enjoying the pleasures of life) , Artha ( working on reaching a goal as you get older by building your wealth) and Dharma(focusing on behaving virtuously throughout your life). A man’s life cycle extends upto hundred years, he should practice Kama, Dharma and Artha in order to harmonize his life and avoid clashes.
The question arises, is Moksha real? Not only after death but today for example if a person was accused of a crime he committed and was punished. After his sentence is over if he decides to change the way he lives, i.e. he starts over a new legal job and accepts the new version of himself forgetting what he was earlier, he has attained spiritual Moksha. The term moksha nowadays is no more only limited to Liberation after death but attain peace with oneself during his entire life cycle.
As a conclusion, in Indian culture, Moksha is a constant and widely accepted goal. While the definition of Moksha may differ from person to person but the ideals remain the same and real.

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